Our vending machines properties:

  • Uses coffee beans;
  • Uses plastic glasses;
  • Keys for sugar preselection;
  • Can operate with connection to the water network or with its own tank;
    General counter as well as for each individual selection;
  • Own tank for liquid waste disposal and container for solid waste;
  • Multiple possibilities for scheduling dosages for water, powders, prices, etc .;
  • Compatible with all payment systems.
  • Coffee machines are equipped with payment systems: ICT, GBA, NRI, RM4, RM5, ALBERICCI.

ICS products are created for vending machines. Manufactured by ICS Dordrecht in the Netherlands. ICS coffee offers a taste of real coffee sold through the conveniance of vending machines.

Lavazza Espresso Point brings you the quality of coffee made in coffee shops into the office.

The ESPRESSURE patent guarantees a sublime cup of coffee, just as if you were in a coffee shop.

Lavazza EP 2500 Plus

The EP 2500 PLUS is the ideal capsule espresso machine for making excellent milk-based beverages and espresso machines in restaurants, bars, small and medium-sized businesses and offices.

Vending machines for soft drinks at a range of selection.

Snack and food vending machines